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A Limited Series Dramatic Podcast

Genre: Historical Fiction / Supernatural / Romance

Based on True Events


Based on True Events

An Audio Drama Podcast
: Historical Fiction / Supernatural / Romance.

"Does love truly last forever?"

This 8 season podcast is based on a 4 book series that weaves together threads from four different historical timelines in order to tell a story about past lives, and loves. On the podcast I read from my forthcoming books, starting with The Otherside (Book 1, currently 70% completed). I also include a brief introduction for each episode as well.

Season 2, Coming June 22!

Book 1 - The Otherside

On a one-way flight to India an elderly Michael Bishop gets befriended by a fellow traveler. Encouraged to share his story, what emerges crosses three different historical timelines...

As Vincent van Gogh, where a chance meeting in Luxembourg Gardens in January, 1888 becomes the catalyst for moving to the south of France. Once in Arles, his relationship with the enigmatic Samira culminates in the true story about how he really lost his ear...

As Kurt Engel growing up in Jazz-age Berlin during the roaring 20s, which thrusts him into a dangerous world of street-corner bullies, the rising tide of antisemitism and an ever-expanding Hitler Youth hungry for new recruits. The stock market crash of 1929 hits his family hard, leading his older sister Anna to accept a job with tragic consequences...

And as Patrick Quinn who comes of age on Chicago's south side in the 1950s and early 60s. His friendship with Charlie from "the wrong side of town" gets tested against the backdrop of racism, the sometimes seedy side of underground blues clubs and eventually the Vietnam War.

What thread connects all these lives? And what do these stories show us about the true nature of eternal love and life after death?

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Season 2... coming soon!

We're getting close, as I'm currently reviewing the tweaking the final chapter of the book. Which means, new episodes will begin again every Tuesday starting on June 22, 2021. So tell your friends and stay tuned.

Series Roadmap

Season 1: The Otherside, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 2: The Otherside, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)
Season 3: Higher Hell, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 4: Higher Hell, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)
Season 5: Show of Strength, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 6: Show of Strength, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)
Season 7: Harvest Moon, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 8: Harvest Moon, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)

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