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A Limited Series Dramatic Podcast

Genre: Historical Fiction / Supernatural / Romance

Based on True Events


Based on True Events

An Audio Drama Podcast
: Historical Fiction / Supernatural / Romance.

"Does love truly last forever?"

This 8 season podcast is based on a planned 4 book series which weaves together threads from four different historical timelines in order to tell a story about past lives, and loves. Each episode of the podcast focuses on a chapter from one of the books, starting with book 1, The Otherside.

New Episodes for Season 2 each week.


“I’ve always been mystified by humanity’s universal, and dare I add misguided, fear of death.” So recounts an elderly Michael Bishop, the last “Wanderer,” on a one-way flight to India to face his impending death.

THE OTHERSIDE, book one of “The Wanderer” series, is a past-life recollection which weaves together four historical timelines: from a Boston suburb in the 1980s to the south side of Chicago in the 50s and 60s and from Berlin’s roaring 20s to the south of France in 1888. History blends with the supernatural in this timeless love story which shows, among other things, why Vincent van Gogh traveled to Arles in February, 1888 and how he really lost his ear.

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Series Roadmap

Season 1: The Otherside, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 2: The Otherside, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)
Season 3: Show of Strength, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 4: Show of Strength, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)
Season 5: Higher Hell, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 6: Higher Hell, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)
Season 7: Harvest Moon, part 1 (chapters 1 thru 11)
Season 8: Harvest Moon, part 2 (chapters 12 thru 22)

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