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A Limited Series Dramatic Podcast

Genre: Historical Fiction / Supernatural / Romance

Based on True Events

Feb 10, 2021

What do we really mean when we use the word "relationship?" In this episode Samina sneaks off and quietly marries Manish, only to discover that he hasn’t yet left his wife. Meanwhile, just as Michael and Teena’s relationship becomes serious an emergency phone call interrupts their remaining plans for the...

Feb 2, 2021

Why is romantic love universally accepted as the only paradigm for true love? In this episode Rajani confronts Samina about her affair with Bollywood superstar Manish Chandran and orders her to end it. Meanwhile, Michael graduates from high school and meets a new friend at Rick's house.

Jan 31, 2021

What are "divine detours" and how can they help us to better understand the path we're on? While in a medically induced coma Patrick has a dream about his past, and his future. When he finally wakes, Patrick questions Liz for the truth about his real father. Later, Colleen gives Gus an ultimatum.

Jan 30, 2021

What does it really mean to "go with the flow?" In this episode Gus wakes from another nightmare, prompting Colleen to suggest that he get some "help" for his drinking problem. Later, Gus runs a stop sign while driving Patrick to a baseball game, leading to a serious accident.

Jan 12, 2021

How we can live authentically when we are conditioned from childhood to look for the truth outside of ourselves? In this episode Kurt finally meets Elisabeth while Oskar wins the praise of SA Commander Fuchs. Later, Kurt escapes from Heinrich and his gang only to run into Oskar, who warns him that one day he'll have...