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A Limited Series Dramatic Podcast

Genre: Historical Fiction / Supernatural / Romance

Based on True Events

Nov 24, 2020

To what extent are all families "dysfunctional?" And how does personal history impact the way we raise our children? In this episode a drunken Gus belittles his son Patrick during a family barbecue, causing Liz to defend her baby brother. Meanwhile, Dontrell forces his way into Miss Allen's home and threatens to know...

Nov 17, 2020

When it comes to looking at life as a spiritual journey, are we really only faced with a choice between "fate" or "free will?" In this episode Gaby settles into the routine of her second job until an altercation in Arles' red light district turns deadly serious. Later, Vincent stumbles upon a crime scene and comes face...

Nov 10, 2020

Do we really "manifest" our reality? Or is there some overlooked "piece of the puzzle" at work behind the scenes? In this episode Gabrielle is forced to take on a second job as a maid in Arles' red light district to pay her mounting medical bills. Meanwhile, Samira does an oracle card reading for her sister which offers...

Nov 3, 2020

Is the "ego" a social construct? And if so, to what extent are the ideals we strive toward actually our own? In this episode Gertrud adjusts to her new life in Berlin while Kurt has a run in with a bully and makes a new friend. Meanwhile, Mr. Schechter experiences firsthand the rising tide of antisemitism.